Movie Synopsis

Welcome to Rotting Hill, where a young couple embarking on a new relationship is about to discover that the path to true love is never what it seems. A CGI-Live Action Zombie Romantic Comedy from a team of seven digital artists studying Media Design School's Advanced 3D Productions.

Starring Anna Hutchison Jason Smith Bruce Hopkins Written By Guy Hamling Cinematographer SimonRiera Composers Timmy Schumacher, Alastair Riddell Sound Design Victoria Parsons Sound Mixing Dave Whitehead Prosthetics and Guts Andrew Beattie Makeup Vanessa Hurley Digital Artists Michael Hsieh, Son Ly,Thomas Martin, Kazuko Nishitani, Raka Sarkar, Jennifer Sol, Stephen Vaifoou Executive Produce David McCurdy Producers James Cunningham Oliver Hilbert Leon Woud Director James Cunningham.


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